Monday, February 9, 2009

Romance is in the air

Valentine's Day is creeping in on us and there is but one question on every woman’s mind “what do I do for him on Valentines day?” Girls, we love our men, and they always do greats things for us on this day of love (or at least they try to), so how can we repay them for all of their love and affection? Well, of course there is sexy lingerie, which I’m sure he has no problem with (when you wear it of course). Flowers and candy are really not for the guys (don’t learn this the hard way, just steer clear of these gifts).Then there are guy gifts like hats, t-shirts, etc, but once you have been with your honey for a few years these things start to become Valentine reruns. So what should we do?

You know, I hear allot of people say that Valentine's day is just for women, and girls shouldn’t even worry about what to do for their guys, but I beg to differ, and as a matter of fact, so do the fine experts at Redbook. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article at The article is entitled "12 Things Men Really Find Romantic"

I highly recommend reading this article, it really offers insight into the strange area known as the man brain, and it should help put an end to your love day struggles.

Here are a couple of things I have done in the past for my hubby; these ideas are great for men or women.

Handmade cards
Everyone knows that something made by hand comes from the heart. So instead of letting the good people at Hallmark write it for you, write it yourself!

One year I was feeling particularly loving towards my hubby, and I decided to make him a card. So, I thought it over (for a really long time) and finally decided that I would create a love time-line. I wanted to let him know how important he was to me by recalling all of the great moments of our relationship, and confessing the feelings that I had on those particular days. So, I started with the day we met, then our first date, first kiss, and etc. I made the card out of red and white contact paper. All together it took me about an hour, but my husband still calls that card the best gift he ever received from me.

Here are some more homemade card ideas from Better Homes and Gardens to help you get inspired

Love coupons
Okay, I know this may seem a little corny, but when I did this for my husband he really liked it, I am talking about personalized coupons. This is a very simple, inexpensive, creative, and sexy way to treat your sweetheart this year. Just think of what he or she really likes (sexually or otherwise) things that you may not do very often, like the dishes:). Then get some paper (whatever color and texture you like) and cut it into small coupon squares (make it large enough to write out your special coupon offer). Then write!

Maybe she would like you to walk the dog, or hang out with her and her friends, maybe we would like you to watch the game with him, or wear short shorts while cleaning the house, whatever it is (be sure its something you are willing to do) write it out as a coupon. Here is an example

Love Rub Offer
This coupon entitles you to one free back rub!
Limited time offer, hurry while supplies last!
Expires 04-02-09

The great thing about this idea is that you can be creative, funny, or sexy it is totally up to you! Once you have completed the individual coupons, staple them together to create a book. You can even title the book (e.g. Your lucky day coupons) Have fun!

Nothing says romance like candle light! Put a spell on your sweetheart with a Love Spell candle from Ozark Scents.

Have a happy love day!

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Biba said...

Lovely ideas! I'm all for a fab valentines day on a budget :)