Thursday, February 12, 2009

Handmade Goodness

Here at the Ozark Scents blog we are all about handmade things! Yes, it is true that we love candles and soap, but anything handmade holds a special place in our hearts. That is why we have decided to start scouring the web in search of great handmade crafts. When we find something that is pure handmade goodness, we will feature the product and the maker(s) of the fabulous find here on our blog! You may be asking yourself (or your cat) “why are they doing this?” Well, the answer is simple, we like other people who like the things that we like. Oh, and we are also really nice, and I suppose it is also because we believe in karma ;) So, you and your cat can rest peacefully tonight knowing that Ozark Scents will be running the Google machine and burning the midnight oil (or at least the 10:30 oil) to find you the cream of the crafty handmade crop.

Join in on the fun!

This may be hard for some of you to believe, but Ozark Scents has not always been the popular and ravishingly handsome thing that you all know and love today (I know, it’s shocking!). In fact, Ozark Scents was once the ugly duckling; the last kid picked for dodge ball, and couldn’t even get a date to the prom (he had to take his second cousin). That is why Ozark Scents doesn’t want to leave anyone out on the fun. So please feel free to join us by posting any worthy handcrafted goods that you may happen upon (with links) in the comments section. Who knows, it might even boost your popularity:)

Happy hunting!

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