Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick and inexpensive last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

We are now counting down the final hours until V-Day, and some of you still have not got your Valentine a gift. You may not even know what to get your special someone, and you are probably sweating bullets right about now. I know your dilemma all to well, that is why I have conjured up several great last minute gift ideas. So sit back, relax, and wipe the sweat from your brow.

Although these ideas are somewhat of a quick fix, you certainly do not have to give your honey the impression that your gift is not heartfelt and sincere.

Rent his or her favorite movie
With prices on everything skyrocketing it has become increasingly difficult to stay entertained on a budget, renting movies is a great inexpensive way to have a great night in with your sweetheart, especially if you let them know how much you care by grabbing their favs at the video store. Be creative; make a small “Now Showing” marquee out of cardboard or construction paper listing all of your sweetie’s favorite flicks. Place the sign in front of the TV. And don’t forget to grab his or her favorite snacks while you’re out!

Love note card
In an earlier post I talked about homemade cards, they are a great personalized way to show your love, but they can take time and possibly supplies that you just don’t have this late in the game. Don’t fret; you can still make a great personalized Valentine. Now, I understand that writing can be difficult, especially in the love department, but if you truly know how you feel about your special someone, it really won’t be that hard to make a note of those feelings. Step one, grab some printer paper, and get a ruler, a marker (preferably red) or a red ink pen (a regular black or blue pen will work). Sit down and just write whatever comes to mind about your Valentine, write your feelings for them. Once you have done that, look over what you have written, and edit anything that you want, check for spelling, etc. Once you have narrowed down what you want to say, then grab a clean piece of printer paper and your ruler (or some type of straight flat object that will help you keep your penmanship straight and clean looking). Place the ruler on the paper where you want to start your note, write everything out in your best penmanship and then sign the paper. You can title the note (e.g. For my lovely Valentine) Just be honest and heartfelt, and your handwritten note will hold a special place in his or her heart for a long time.

Make his or her favorite dish
If you know what their favorite foods are, then this should be an easy task. Go to the market, grab what you need to make their favorite dish, bring it home and whip it up. Now I know some of you are probably thinking, “easy task my foot” but this can be altered to fit anyone’s schedule or lifestyle. If you don’t cook and have no clue how to cook, then you will need to put more effort into the shopping portion of the task. You will need to find instant, microwavable, already made, or easy to make foods. I suggest browsing the freezer section; most markets will have a rather large variety of semi- gourmet meals for two that can be popped in the oven and ready to go in about an hour. Again, be creative, set a nice table with flowers, buy his or her favorite wine, and grab a quick dessert. Bon appetit!

Note: if these tips just don’t fit your plans, you can resort to the Valentine’s Day norms of flowers and candy; just make it a little less predictable by thinking outside of the heart shaped box. Buy lilies, instead of red roses, get him or her a big cookie with a short, yet sweet personal message written on it in icing.

Remember, no matter how ‘last minute’ your gift may be, you can still make it shine with creativity, personalization, and most importantly, LOVE.

Have a happy V-Day!

Pink Sugar, how come you smell so good? Just like a candle should:)

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