Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our fresh new look!

Hello again

We hope you like our fresh new face, we did it just for you! Yes, we feel so much better since our transformation, and it actually didn’t take as long as we had expected, but I’m just now posting about it because today was my wedding anniversary! So why am I on here blogging? Well, it’s almost my bedtime, hubby is in bed, and all the anniversary fun and games (wink) are over. It was a great day, love you honey (kisses).

Hey, speaking of celebrations, we are so excited about our new look that we are going to be celebrating it with a big surprise! However, we are going to make you wait until Sunday to find out what it is (ha, ha, ha), but believe me, you are going to love it!!!!

Anyhoo, we are counting down to the final days of the featured artist giveaway, and boy are we excited about that too! We should probably calm down before our faces turn blue and we pass out, but we can’t help it! We thought we would let everyone know that we have marked an official time for the ending of the giveaway on Sunday; it will be at 3pm central standard time. Don’t worry, we won’t jump the gun again, pinky swear.

As we said before, we will contact you personally if you win (don’t be like us and pass out if you're the winner, we wouldn’t want you to get a boo boo) but we will also be posting the winner here on the blog that evening, so swing by to see who won! Oh yeah, there will be that surprise thing too.

In the mean time, we have conjured up some cool projects from the DIY Network to keep you occupied while you wait for Sunday to get here.


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