Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Monday week 3!

Merry Monday is upon us again and we are counting down the last days until Christmas!

Miraculously I became an early bird holiday shopper this year, but if you are anything like I was in holidays past, then you may be a Christmas procrastinator.

Don’t worry, I have good news! I have found some great last-minute holiday shopping resources that will guide you in the direction of some very merry, affordable and fun gifts just in time for Christmas!

For all of you last minute shoppers out there who think that personalized gifts are impossible at this point- think again! is the perfect place to create great personalized gifts, and right now they are offering 50% off express shipping! So not only can you give a thoughtful gift, you can actually give it on Christmas day! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry…………. You still have to create it:)

You are short on time, have a tight budget and are stumped about what to give……… Don’t fret, just go to and check out their article entitled 20 last minute gift ideas for less than $20

If you are still having trouble finding that perfect last minute gift then you may want to visit and/or, they both offer overnight shipping on unique gifts, toys, and apparel.

And if you just don’t feel like sorting through all of the listings then check out This site makes shopping a breeze by dividing gifts into categories based on the recipient’s personality.

Now that you (hopefully) have all of the gifts out of the way, you can concentrate on the most important aspect of the season… FOOD!

Weather you are planning a large holiday buffet, or a small cocktail get together, these are the sites where you will find the tastiest recipes around.

That’s all for this Merry Monday, come back next week for our final Merry Monday and some hot post-Christmas finds!

Have a safe and happy holiday!