Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaky Friday Finds!

This Freaky Friday Finds are all about decorating for Halloween or Fall. I found tons of really cute items on was hard to narrow it down to a few! I love decorating for each and every holiday and I usually do (my kids wouldn't let me get away with not doing so) but really I am such a kid at heart and I love it!

I still haven't decided what I am going to be for Halloween yet, of course my girls already have their costumes all picked out though! I think we are going to try to make costumes this year!! Yay!! I haven't sewn in years but I am willing to give it a shot...lets just hope we don't end up at a store on Halloween day picking through whats left because I can't sew! :) Hope you all enjoy!

Oh a Fall Favorite! and now a cute decor addtion! Check out PidgApegCottage for these cuties!

Isn't this BOO garland adorable! You can find it at SignatureExpressions.

Halloween just isn't complete without the Black Cat. You can find this spine raising little guy at Make Me Stuff.

Have a Great Weekend!

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