Friday, September 4, 2009

Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!

Hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend! Unfortunately It is going to be raining here in good ole Missouri, but hopefully the sun will peek out at some point! :) After all it is a great weekend to have a big barbecue or an end of Summer Bash!!
If you are hanging out around the house and on the computer come on in and enter to win some beautiful handmade note cards...check out our giveaway below (ends September 10th)!
Over at Ozark Scents we are having a Labor Day Sale so stop by if you have a minute.
Have a Fun & Safe Weekend Everyone!!


Mrs. Robinson said...

Being the lazy person I am.... :) I just now read this. Sorry! Anyhow... Our weekend was great, hope yours was too!
Love Laura

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Hope you had a fun weekend :-) We went up to Montreal and had a great time.

Anyway, thought you might want to know about the giveaway I'm doing on my blog. Go here to enter:

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